Sharon Hope is a songwriter, singer, producer, and publisher from North Carolina. Her genre's include pop, country, contemporary, crossover, rock,

and  R&B. Sharon Hope owns and operates Hope Star Music LLC, which is a publishing and production company. She pitches her original songs

to major and independent artists, labels, other publishers, and to film and tv licensing opportunities. Sharon Hope co-writes with other artists, songwriters, publishers, musicians, and producers from the USA and from all around the world. Sharon Hope writes songs from the heart with lyrics that seem to get you hooked right from the start with great melodies, combined with memorable hooks. Her music can best be described as  "story telling" and can make you feel like you've "been there, done that". Sharon Hope's songwriting goals are to be the major songwriting force behind all the mainstream music that you hear today on the radio, in film, and on tv.

As an artist, besides writing in many different genres of music, Sharon Hope also sings pop, country, crossover, and rock, which in today's music

world  is very rare and helps to make her stand out amongst other artists and songwriters. Sharon Hope has already been getting local, out-of state, and world wide terrestrial and internet radio play with her original songs. With Sharon Hope's first official music video now released and her first

full length CD available to purchase via paypal  on the music page or home page on this site, she is setting her sights on writing more new songs to get out to her fans and to pitch to major artist, publishers, and film/tv placements.

Sharon Hope also pitches her original songs to major artists and has already had 2 major artists put her songs on hold for consideration to be

recorded. She continues to pitch her songs to major artists, A&R's, publishers, and  for film/tv placements.

Sharon Hope is beginning to create a lot of music industry buzz, not only in the US but abroad, and getting a lot of attention with what she is doing and she is excited  to see where the future will take her music career from this point on.

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Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Publisher